a game for BeOS

BShisen is a fun and addictive strategy game for the Be Operating System (BeOS), based on the popular and award-winning GShisen engine. "Make no mistakes though, BShisen was virtually rewritten from scratch to take advantage of the unique features of the BeOS, such as messaging and pervasive multithreading" said lead engineer Kelvin Sherlock.

Nicknamed "Productivity Killer '99", BShisen will revolutionize the way people waste time with the BeOS. According to one non-existant government employee: "Before BShisen, If I wanted to be non-productive, I had to waste time booting into Windows to play Solitaire or Minesweeper. With BShisen though, I can be non-productive from within BeOS! Thanks to BeOS and BShisen, I'm 33% less productive." A high level executive from a fictional internet-related company added, "Most of the people around here are hooked on BShisen, and I couldn't be happier. Productivity has suffered, we've lost more money than the GDP of most countries, and our stock prices are higher than ever!"



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