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Welcome! BShisen is a wholesome, fun, and addictive strategy game pitting you against yourself and the clock. It is similar in some aspects to Mah Jongg (Shanghai), but it can't really be compared to any other game.


BShisen is played with a variably-sized board and up to 36 different tiles. The object of the game is to remove all tiles in a minimum amount of time. Matching tiles can be removed if they can be connected in three (3) or fewer lines. The best way to learn how to play is by making use of the "Suggest Move" (Alt-G) menu item, which will hilite two (2) connectable tiles. Tiles are selected (and removed) by clicking on them.

Connecting adjacent tiles

Connecting non-adjacent tiles

The game is over when either all tiles are removed or no more moves are possible. Not all games are winnable. Furthermore, even winnable games can be made unwinnable based on the order in which tiles are removed. Games are numbered, and there are approximately 4294967294 different tile arrangements available.

Menu Items

Miscellaneous Tips


BShisen is copyright © 1998-2001 Kelvin W Sherlock. All rights reserved.

Now, for the lawyerly crap:


That said, BShisen has been tested extensively and should be mostly bug-free. If you do find a bug, though, I will either fix it or ignore it :-). Send all bug reports, complaints, giant cash offers, marriage proposals, job offers, et cetera to