kColor 1.0

kColor owns you!



kColor is a color picker application in the same vein as roColour, only kColor is free and available. A long time ago, roColour was a commercial color picker for BeOS (and Windows), and received a fair bit of recognition, because it was neat, worked automatically with other applications, and was one of the only commercial BeOS applications available at the time. But then roDesigns shifted focus and roColour disappeared.


Usage should be straightforward. The 13 circular color wells on the bottom hold colors. The square box on the right side is the current color.

The 3 sliders are for red, green, and blue, respectively. Note that they provide real-time feedback to simplify color selection.

The 3 text controls on the left side show the current red/green/blue color values in integer (0-255), hex (00-ff), or floating point (0.00-1.00) format. The format is changeable from a pop-up menu by right-clicking on the window background.

The color wells and current color box all support color dragging and dropping. Colors can be dropped on any application that accepts color or text drops, such as Tracker, StyledEdit, and many more. The background also accepts color drops and will change color accordingly.

Legal Stuff

This program is copyright © 2000 Kelvin W Sherlock. It may be used in any manner you see fit (bearing in mind the copyright). Additionally, the source code is available and is free for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise (ie - a BSD license without the advertising clause).

If you do find kColor useful, please consider checking out (or even registering) my critically acclaimed shareware game BShisen. BShisen costs less than roColoour did. And it's more fun, too!

Kelvin Sherlock